Jane Goodall says “disrespect for animals and nature” caused coronavirus pandemic

The renowned anthropologist, who has successfully released her new National Geographic documentary film “Jane Goodall: The Hope”, had a message for humanity and went on record to say that the coronavirus pandemic is humanity’s fault and that she saw it coming.

She believes that the virus, which has claimed more than 180,000 lives, is due to humans’ abuse of nature and the poor treatment of animals.

“It’s because we disregard our place in the natural world and we disrespect the environment and animals that COVID-19 happened,” said the anthropologist in an interview leading up to the release of her new film.

“Viruses can spill over onto humans in situations like our intensive farming with animals, and also in the meat markets in Asia and Africa. It’s because of our lack of respect for the environment that this terrible COVID-19 virus has shut down the world,” added Goodall.

Her latest film was released by National Geographic on Wednesday, which also happened to be Earth Day. The film celebrates her legacy featuring a collection of never-before-seen photographs and footages that span over seven decades.

At the time being, it is believed that the COVID-19 virus originated from bats where it then likely jumped onto a secondary carrier animal before the virus spread through humans from the meat markets in Wuhan, China.

Numerous World Health experts have spoken about the long-raised concerns of such markets that offer a wide range of both farmed and wild animals for consumption. Animals such as bats, pangolins, snakes, dogs, and cats were listed as some of the animals put up in these meat markets for human consumption.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Chinese officials have started to crack down on these markets amid international pressure. Goodall has said that she hopes China continues to ban these markets after the pandemic is over and hopes the country will extend its measures to prohibit the sale of wild animals for medicine.

“It’s mistreatment of animals and exactly where the next pandemic might come from if we don’t pay attention to our behaviour,” she said.

“I pray that we will this time take heed of the message that we’re being given because this pandemic has been predicted for many, many, many years.”

Source: GlobalNews




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