Inspired by Rome’s Allure

Bio Sculpture’s new collection reflects the mystery and charm of the Eternal City.

An indispensable part of runways and designer shows, the nail trend has received much attention from fashion lovers. Now that we are firmly into fall, it is time to change your nail colours to compliment the newest stylish looks. Bio Sculpture’s Nights in Rome whisks the wearer to Italy, giving them a romantic, timeless style. The collection’s five colours include glittery, lustrous and opaque finishes.

Angelic Statue

The first colour is shimmery white and reminds us of Ponte Sant’Angelo, a bridge lined with statues of 10 angels. Use this polish for just one finger on each hand, and add darker shades to others to create a simple but luxurious focal points for the designs.

Starlit Cobblestone

This mysterious black with glittery gold polish reminds us of the beauty of Rome’s starry sky. Paired with other colours, it can create glamorous designs without being too over-the-top.

Antique Granite

Black, with delicate glitter, this polish allows light to reflect with a lovely shimmer on the whole nail. Used together with Angelic Statue you can create a classic contrast of black and white.

Mauve Regalia

Add some colour to your design with this flexible tone that is suitable for any occasion. It’s even good for the workplace, since it’s not too dark or bright. A tip is to match this nail colour with your makeup, such as lipstick, to achieve a put-together appearance.

Knight’s Amour

A strong, bold black that is inspired by knights guarding the Colosseum. Knight’s Amour can be matched with any of the other colours in the collection to create different vibes. Unlike some black nail polishes that chip easily, this Bio Sculpture polish provides an even and durable finish.

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This content is also available in: Tiếng Việt