Hot Dishes in Mississauga For Winter

After a year of hard work, it is time to celebrate the biggest holiday season with family and friends. On cold winter days, especially in Canada, nothing is better than sharing steaming bowls of delicious broth and other goodies. Here are some destinations where you can really warm up.

Kamen Ramen

Although they originated in China, Japanese ramen noodles have become very popular with many unique flavours. At Kamen Ramen, the Shoyu ramen broth is made from soy sauce, and it is served with grilled pork, bamboo shoots, a soft-boiled egg soaked in soy sauce, spring onion and seaweed. The Nagasaki Champon ramen includes a variety of seafood such as green mussels, scallops, squid and shrimp in seafood broth. Tonkotsu is made from pork and bones. There are also vegetable noodles. Match with side dishes such as Takoyaki octopus cake, rice ball or Karaage fried chicken. A warm and friendly place, this restaurant is good for small groups.

Address: 720 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W.

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Noodle Fans

Known for fresh, hand-pulled noodles, this restaurant is not luxurious, but is quite spacious. An informal place to hang out, it offers a fish hotpot or bowls of hand-pulled noodles with beef or pork ribs. In addition, there are tasty grilled snacks including grilled chicken giblet. The meat is marinated with rich spices and comes to the table piping hot.

Address: 1177 Central Parkway West

Photo by @simon_65

Congee Queen

The menu here has a wide range of delicious options. For those who haven’t had a chance to visit yet, some of the things you can try are seafood congee, roasted duck or fried chilli turnip patties. Delicious lobster dishes are also suitable for a year-end party. The cozy atmosphere makes it a great place for family reunions, but, you need to come early or make a reservation to avoid a long wait.

Address: 800 Boyer Blvd. # 5 and 1911 Dundas St. E.


A Korean restaurant that attracts many foodies, this spacious location also has private rooms available for groups. As well as a delicious Korean hotpot, the menu offers Cheese DakGalbi. The dish is served at the table in a hot pan. Korean spicy chicken is in the middle surrounded by a ring of melted cheese for dipping. Pair with a Korean drink such as soju.

Address: 800 Dundas St. E. unit A1

I Love Pho

Since its renovation, I Love Pho’s space is bigger and able to serve more customers. There are numerous Vietnamese dishes to enjoy, including appetizers, main courses, desserts and drinks. A special dish is Bun dau mam tom with rice vermicelli, crispy tofu, squid cakes, vegetables, shrimp paste and shrimp sauce for dipping. Besides, you can enjoy beef dipped in vinegar, or a hotpot. All dishes are suitable for winter days. The space is clean and inviting for families. Address: 848 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W.

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