Hong Kong’s cuisine in the heart of Saigon

ChuKee Restaurant – an impressive restaurant with the characteristics and flavor of the Fragrant Harbour.

Blowing the Fragrant Harbour wind into the atmosphere

Photos: Facebook Chukee Restaurant

ChuKee Restaurant is located at 266 on a fairly busy street, the Bui Vien Western Street. It’s easy to spot the ChuKee Restaurant because it “attracts” the diners’ eyes right from its Chinese sign, which lies next to the English tagline “Taste of HongKong”.

Setting foot in the restaurant, the first impression that the restaurant will give is its 4 walls covered with Hong Kong pictures and paintings, with “sing-song girls” wearing beautiful cheongsams depicted in the signature style of Hong Kong. Along with that are the movie posters and banners cleverly used on the walls, which depict a glorious era of Hong Kong cinema with its veteran cast of actors and actresses.

Also, perhaps because it was founded in the 90s of the 20th century, a part of the walls here is filled with well-known comic and cartoon characters of that era. Surely no one can forget the famous Old Master Q or the hilarious Pink Panther. Or most recognizable is the “comedy king” Stephen Chow with the legendary ensemble of characters from his works, depicted in a comically cartoonish style.

Looking outward to the outdoor scenery, across the restaurant is an old apartment, and when you sit down to enjoy the food here, along with the bustling activities below every night, it’s certainly not far from eating at some diner on a busy street corner of the Fragrant Harbour.

300 dishes of Hong Kong’s cuisine

We all know that Chinese people love dim sums, and they have invented a lot of ways to prepare this dish. With diversity in its preparation, the ChuKee Restaurant’s menu has also “climbed” up to the 300th row, showcasing a very diverse Hong Kong’s cuisine.

One of ChuKee Restaurant’s special features is that all its dishes are prepared under the skillful instruction of a Hong Kongese chef – locals will naturally produce dishes that have flavour distinctive of their place. This is also why the rice with sweet soy sauce dish – the “best seller” of ChuKee Restaurant is considered the “one and only” in Saigon. This is because, no other restaurant has the “esoteric recipe” of this dish, except the talented head chef here.

Not only does it serve Hong Kong’s dishes, but the ChuKee Restaurant also aptly adds convenient fast foods to its menu, which suits the needs of Saigon youths. Although specializing in Chinese cuisine, the Western dishes here are also carefully and properly prepared. A shaking beef dish, or crispy French fries, combined with a few bottles of beer, mixed in with the Hong Kong atmosphere, is incomparable for Saigon youths on hot sunny days. Or a dim sum meal with a glass of richly flavoured milk tea for food enthusiasts.

ChuKee Restaurant opens from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m. every day, serving hundreds of ins and outs customers despite having a somewhat modest space compared to other locations on the Western Street. ChuKee’s price is also quite reasonable with the cost ranging from 100.000 – 200.000 VND (equivalent to 6.03 CAD – 12.05 CAD). With dividers for privacy, the ChuKee Restaurant is very suitable for a group of friends (from 4-5 people) to meet, chat, and dine on the weekends.

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