Hoi An Flood – Determination and ingenuity allowed inhabitants to make the best of a challenging time.

Determination and ingenuity allowed inhabitants to make the best of a challenging time.

Lên, 57 years old, offered boat rides the day after typhoon Molave hit central Vietnam. This area around the Japanese Bridge is a street that became flooded with water. “I was so worried about my boat, I could not sleep. I stayed up all night to protect my boat, otherwise, the wind would have blown it away. If I had just left it outside with a rope, the wind would have destroyed the rope. The wind was very strong,” Lên explained.

“This ladder is used to climb down to the boat. It is tied to the balcony,” said Nga, who holds her daughter Thảo, 6, on her balcony.

Nga and her daughter Thảo watch boats go by in front of their house. “If we wanted to go and buy some food, we had to get a boat. There was rain, flood, and no power. I bought an alcohol stove so I could make instant noodles for my kids.”

Ăn paddles through Nguyễn Thái Học street.

Bình, 24, poses with a broom outside of his home during the flood. “I was using that broom to push away the trash stuck on the walls.” Bình rented a house to open a coffee shop in a small alley. However, the coffee shop was closed due to COVID-19 and the flooding.

Tuân enters his house via the upstairs window. After trying unsuccessfully to enter the house from the submerged ground level door, his family stopped by in a boat and helped him and his dogs get onto the awning. The dogs were born when the Coronavirus first hit so he named one Coro and the other one Vina.

Tuân, hanging his clothes out to dry. During the flood, he stayed on the second floor of his house, entering and exiting through the upstairs window. “This house is more than 170 years old. Four generations have lived here. My ancestor was Hoa (a Vietnamese ethnic group originating in China). During the Nguyen dynasty, Viet people couldn’t live here. All the special wood houses are where the Hoa used to live,” Tuân said.

Nguyễn Thái Học street under water.

Nuôi paddles his boat through the watery streets. During the flood, local boat operators took tourists and locals around the old town.

By Alden Anderson.
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