Helping those hit hardest by the pandemic

During the pandemic, and with the restrictions in place, the lives of those in poverty have been made more difficult by the accumulating challenges and deprivations in life.

At the beginning of 2022, Quy Chia Se Tinh Thuong (ShareYourLove-SYL) continued its journey to support those who are in difficult situations. Recently, the SYL team has carried out the following activities:

Visiting and Gifting Presents to the Duc Quang Shelter – March 26, 2022

Duc Quang Shelter is located in Long An Hamlet, Long Hoa commune, Binh Dai district, Ben Tre Province. Established in 2010, to date, the shelter takes care of 114 orphans of all ages from newborns to secondary school students. There were some cases when newborn babies just brought into the world were abandoned right in front of the shelter and the Buddhist monks of the Duc Quang Shelter brought them in to raise them. 

The number of orphans at the shelter is increasing, the need for food and daily necessities are much needed for the shelter to be able to take care of the children.  Monk Thich Le Hieu of the Duc Quang Shelter shared that in the two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, Duc Quang Shelter had to close. Many charity groups were not able to come to visit to help support the necessities as in the previous years, causing the shelter to struggle.

Quy Chia Se Tinh Thuong has provided the following support:

  • Food including rice, soy sauce, cooking oil, nutritional powder, common daily medicine
  • Common medicines for children, including medicine to reduce fever, cough medicine, medicine for diarrhea, rubbing alcohol, bandages, cotton bandages, medicine for insect bites, etc.
  • Learning tools such as notebooks, pens, etc. for the children
  • Cash support in the amount of 11,470,000 VND

Total value supported 39,391,000 VND

To donate to Duc Quang Shelter, contact 0916.006.165

Visiting and Giving Presents to Buu Tich Temple – January 8, 2022

Buu Tich Pagoda is located at Van Hanh village, Phu My town, Tan Thanh district, Ba Ria Vung Tau province.

The temple is currently taking care of 30 orphans and from families with difficult circumstances, from 1 to 16 years old. In order to cover living expenses for the temple and the children, the nuns at the temple often make incense sticks to sell. This year, with the challenging economic situation, the temple did not receive as much support as in previous years, so it faces many difficulties and needs support to help feed and raise the children.

Quy Chia Se Tinh Thuong has provided the following support:

  • Food including 100 kg of rice, cooking oil, vegetarian noodles, soy sauce, etc.
  • Cash support in the amount of 17,000,000 VND

 Total value supported: 25,907,700 VND

Build a House of Care and Love for Orphans

Our foundation has helped build a house of care and love for a K Ho ethnic family, living in Village 10, Loc Nam commune, Bao Lam district, with 8 brothers whose parents passed away. The eldest brother, born in 1990, is paralyzed and has blurred vision due to electric shock and is no longer able to work. A younger sister and younger brother had passed away a week apart due to a tragic traffic accident in 2017. The remaining children, aged between 13 and 26, are studying or working. The children’s situation is difficult, as their house collapsed. The SYL team and Nun Lieu Tue at the Vien Khong Temple in Ba Ria have called for the help of donors, and are currently rebuilding the house that has been demolished. Our foundation and Nun Lieu Tue has also called for help and bought them a plow so that the older brother can make a living to feed the children.

  • Cost of building a house: 100,000,000  VND

Cost of buying a plow: 100,000,000 VND

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