Healthy Hair, Happy Look with Mindy McKnight

Take care of your tresses with tips from Mindy McKnight.

Mindy McKnight, a wife and mom to six children, is a YouTuber dedicated to creating hair content.
“When my kids were younger, I would get stopped all the time by moms, asking how I did their hair,” McKnight says.
Those questions propelled her initial inspiration. Now it is her passion and career. The top hair content creator, she has more than two billion views worldwide and 23 million followers across all social platforms.
Her clean hair care brand is called Hairitage.
Recently, McKnight gave Culture Magazin some insight into her background and simple tips on how to take care of hair.

What is the story behind Hairitage by Mindy?

Honestly, it all started with my family. We are a family of eight, which means we have eight heads of diverse hair types and textures. We have tried every product under the sun, recorded hundreds of videos, and created countless hair tutorials. However, I quickly realized that I was spending too much money and time “on the hunt” for products that worked and were safe for all members of my family.

Hairitage is about embracing your unique hair story to help you better understand your hair care needs. It provides all consumers, regardless of hair type or needs, with affordable products that help them express their beauty through styles that celebrate their roots.

What makes it different from other products?

It is a hair care brand that encompasses the needs of every hair type and texture. A brand that is inclusive of everyone and every family, made with efficacious and natural formulations for an affordable price. It is the hair care brand that is listening to the diverse needs of today’s families and answering them.

Why is healthy hair essential for a youthful look?

Healthy hair is important at any stage in life. The key to healthy hair is a healthy scalp. Happy scalp equals happy hair.

Photo courtesy of Hairitage by Mindy.
Some women embraced their grey hair by not coloring their roots anymore, what’s your take on that?

If someone wants to rock grey hair, I am totally for it. If you want to let your hair go grey, make sure you are still nourishing it. Regardless of what color your hair is, it still needs TLC. Make sure you are using a leave-in conditioner like Hairitage’s Light as Feather or Strength Training so your locks are always hydrated. 

What do you look for in a good hair product?

Formulas with good-for-you ingredients and no nasties are key. The product must work, and I love a good value.

What most common toxic ingredients should consumers avoid and why?

It is best to shy away from shampoos or conditioners with sulfate ingredients such as SLS and SLES. These are sulfates that can be very stripping and drying.  

Mineral oil is another ingredient I am very conscious to avoid because it can lead to build-up on the scalp which can cause hair strands to become stiff and lifeless. It also reduces the amount of water your hair absorbs, which over time can lead to damage.

Are there specific concerns for each hair type? What are they?

Dryness, frizz and damage are definitely the top concerns for most hair types. 

Photo courtesy of Hairitage by Mindy.

What are some damaging hair habits people have? How do we change these bad habits?

One of the most common is shampooing too frequently. For healthier and shinier hair, shampoo your hair less frequently than you think you should. Shampooing too often can cause dry scalp, dull-looking hair and even chemical buildup, leaving your hair prone to breakage and damage. However, do not go too long without shampooing as leaving dirt and too much oil on your hair can weigh it down. 

The best way to figure out how often to wash your hair is to try and go as long as you can without shampooing to see how your hair looks and feels. Then based on that, switch up your wash day and find products to help between washes such as Hairitage’s Lazy Day Dry Shampoo. 

Could you share with us some tips for keeping our hair healthy during the pandemic?

Healthy hair starts at the scalp, so try adding in Hairitage’s An Apple a Day ACV Rinse. Using an ACV (apple cider vinegar) will help remove buildup and balance your hair’s pH, or acid-base balance.

What can we do to protect/care for our hair while waiting for salons to open again?

I have been using our Color Check Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner. It contains a UV filter to prevent color washout and fading. It also helps protect against sun damage. Best of all, with moisturizing passionfruit seed oil and antioxidant-rich elderberry extract added to the ingredient list, it leaves hair looking its best – just like when you leave the salon.

Photo courtesy of Hairitage by Mindy.

Could you share with us your daily/weekly hair routine?

I typically wash and conditioner my hair every couple of days with Hairitage’s Outta My Hair Gentle Shampoo and SOS Deep Moisture and Restore Conditioner. Then I follow up with Hairitage’s Strength Training Leave-In Pudding and Smooth It Over Argan Oil Elixir on the ends. I also try my best to use a deep conditioning mask, Hairitage Masquerade, at least once a week and special treatments like Hairitage’s An Apple a Day ACV Rinse, every few weeks. 

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