Graceful Holiday Colours

A sneak peek at this featured year end style

Simple nail patterns have special appeal this season, as do bold colours. What are the featured hues this winter? Put aside classic options such as nude or pastels and have some fun with Bio Sculpture’s My Winter Garden collection. These products ensure a high quality finish and bring a delightful style to your nails.

This sweet, yet elegant, purple has a deep, plummy resonance. The dark purple helps elevate your fashionable style and is suitable for almost all ages. If you apply only this colour to your nails, you will really stand out at your family’s year-end dinner.

If classic nudes are too common, why not try Clay Pathway? Not as strong as pumpkin, the colour is a lovely light orange that delivers vibrant energy while being soft and sophisticated at the same time. Pair it with copper accessories for a youthful style.

A greyish, moss-green polish, Ornamented Arch is suitable for Christmas themed outfits of red and green. That doesn’t mean it won’t work for daily use. The polish is adaptable and nicely complements gold and silver jewelry.

Dark, cold Blue Mushroom brings a classy yet mysterious vibe to your winter style. Cool tones are especially favoured on snowy days. Combining with silver jewelry for a tough, edgy style.

The final member of this new collection is a berry red that is well loved by bold fashionistas. Berry Bush has a deeper tone than most other red hues, giving it a more alluring beauty. No matter what your style or the colour you are wearing, Berry Bush is an easy match.

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This content is also available in: Tiếng Việt