Government of Canada to close Canadian border to Foreign Travelers amid Corona-virus outbreak

Highlights from the Press Conference

  • Canada announces it will be closing its borders to foreign travelers
  • Air operators to ban anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 from getting on a plane
  • Only 4 Canadian airports will receive International Flights 
  • Canada continues to urge Canadians abroad to come home

A couple hours ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke to reporters from Rideau Cottage in Ottawa announcing the closing of the Canadian borders amid growing concerns of the COVID-19 outbreak in Canada. The Prime Minister also shared more detail regarding the stimulus package that will be implemented in the coming days.

Canada Announces Closures of its Borders to Foreign Travelers

The Prime Minister continues to urge Canadians abroad to come home while the options are still available as Canada begins to shut down its borders to non-Canadian citizens to limit the spread of COVID-19. Speaking to reporters, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Canada is taking “increasingly aggressive steps” and will be closing its borders to those who are not Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada. 

The new measures and restrictions are said to come into effect as of Wednesday March 18, 2020. During this time exceptions will be made for immediate family members of Canadian citizens, diplomats, air crews, and U.S citizens at this moment are still being allowed into Canada at this time. In addition, Canadians coming from other countries are now being told to self-isolate for 14 days upon entry to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Air Operators to ban anyone with symptoms from boarding a plane

  • “That means anyone who has symptoms will not be able to enter Canada” stated Justin Trudeau at the press conference 
  • However, Trudeau mentioned that the government will be setting up a support program to assist and help asymptomatic Canadians seeking to return home
  • “Canadian Travellers will be able to get financial assistance to help them with the cost of returning home or temporarily covering their basic needs while they wait to come back to Canada” Trudeau said. 

Only 4 Airports will receive International Flights

  • According to Trudeau, Pearson International Airport (Toronto), Vancouver International Airport, Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, and Calgary International Airport will continue to receive international flights
  • Domestic flights and flights from the U.S, Mexico, and the Caribbean will not be affected the Prime Minister stated

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This content is also available in: Tiếng Việt