Gari Nguyen – A young woman warrior of Vietnamese literature.

At the age of 25 people often struggle with life choices, especially those concerning their careers. Gari Nguyen is unusual in this respect and has achieved success in Vietnamese literature. Nguyen Yen Phuong, her real name, is a true Sagittarius. As a young Vietnamese writer, she has been favoured by many readers and inspired many youngsters. Having published nine books (200,000 copies in total), Nguyen is one of the top three most popular writers on Facebook (along with two Vietnamese writers Trang Ha and Nguyen Nhat Anh) according to Socialbakers, a global social media marketing company.

How did you feel after being featured in such influential American media as NBC, The Morning Star, and Market Watch? 

Warm greetings to your readers! I was astonished and grateful. I appreciate being highly esteemed by big newspapers in the U.S. There are 140 newspapers connected to these sites. To me, it is a great motivation to be recognized after five years when I wrote my first book.

As one of the three Vietnamese writers with the largest audience on Socialbakers, how do you feel?

I am delighted to be on the same list as Mr. Nguyen Nhat Anh and Mrs. Trang Ha. They are familiar writers who have a far-reaching influence on Vietnamese readers. This honour requires me to be more skillful and to grow more deeply when I write my next books.

What do you think your greatest achievement is so far?

Perhaps it is writing nine books for readers and helping them live better, and more energetically. I have experienced life and stumbled. A personal relationship was damaged, and I lost a client due to my youth and lack of communication skills. When my first book was released, readers had doubts and made controversial comments. I am not the best or the most profound person, nor am I the most prominent writer, but I believe my endurance and stubbornness have brought me to this point today (laughs).

What are your future plans?

We react angrily to take revenge on those who treated us badly, yet by doing so we are hurting ourselves in return

Life Is Short Don’t Cry Put Your Lipstick On, written by Gari Nguyen.

A 10th book, a film project, and an investment fund project.

As a modern young woman, what qualities do you advise others in order to pursue their life goals?

Calmness, perseverance, and discipline will help people pursue their goals sustainably. I have experienced it, so I understand. Being impatient, impulsive, and having mood swings will ruin all your previous efforts.

What are the differences and similarities between modern and conventional women?

All women want their dreams and desires to be honoured. However, there are differences between modern and conventional women. For example, some conventional women blame other people when things do not go as expected. They wait and depend on others to bring good luck. They may think that they deserve to be treated better, but do not work towards that end. Meanwhile, modern women tend to achieve their dreams by going after them independently. They learn and train themselves so that they are loved by people around them. They understand that having good knowledge and a good personality will help them succeed.

As a young female writer, what messages do you inject into your work?

My message is: No matter how much life changes, never lose faith in yourself. Only when you have faith, can you stand up after you fall.

What should young readers learn from your latest publication “Đời ngắn đừng khóc hãy tô son” (English translation: Life is short. Don’t Cry, Put Your Lipstick On)?

This book is not only for women but also for those who yearn to find beauty in their souls. The daily “philosophies” I share inspire readers to live for themselves and to take good care of themselves. Once you determine who you are, you can honour your uniqueness. You do not have to follow social norms to live well, and you can live happily with your choices.

In a few words, please describe what it is that propels your writing and your life in general?

I have a fighter’s spirit when faced with life’s challenges. The nickname “Gari” means Little Fighter in Egyptian.

Photos courtesy of Gari Nguyen

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