Famous Places to Visit Ontario During Autumn

Enjoy the dazzling beauty of Ontario’s fall foliage

Every year, when leaves change colour, it’s time for photographers, amateurs and professionals, to practice their skills. This is one of the most popular activities in Canada in autumn. Canada is a beautiful country that Mother Nature has blessed with many magnificent landscapes. While there are only rainy and sunny seasons in Vietnam, people in Canada have the opportunity to enjoy four seasons ­– spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Therefore, do not miss this chance to enjoy the most beautiful season of the year, autumn. Here are some tips that you need to know to visit Ontario during autumn.

Things to Wear and Bring

Make sure to wear your jacket as it would be colder in parks and conversation areas compare to cities, such as Toronto. You will also want to wear comfortable shoes enjoy the trip the most. Other items include a camera and a tripod (if you have one), water, snacks and a backpack to contain your personal stuff (including your own waste during the trip).

Health Benefits of Nature-Friendly Activities

In addition, according to heart.org, participating in nature-friendly activities helps reduce stress and anxiety, boosts emotional well-being and improves mood. It is important not to stay indoors just because the warm summer has passed. This fall, join your friends and family on a hiking trip or walk along trails to fully experience the romantic scenery in this country of maple leaves.

In order to update about the colour of the leaves, visit www.ontarioparks.com/fallcolour.

Where to Visit During Autumn in Ontario:

Mono Cliffs
795122 3rd Line E, Orangeville

Bronte Creek
1219 Burloak Dr, Oakville

Forks of the Credit Provincial Park
17760 McLaren Rd, Caledon

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