Experience the Ancient-Town Atmosphere of Cafes in Hoi An

Idyllic, tranquil, verdant – those are the main characteristics of cafes in Hoi An.

Hoi An – is an ideal place for those who cherish nostalgia and antiquity. Perhaps because of its unique colours, many people who have come here more or less got attached to it and wanted to return to Hoi An from time to time.
What do people expect from Hoi An? Perhaps it is the ancient beauty associated with thousands of old memories, or maybe the mornings where they dreamily sip their cup of coffee and be immersed in the serene atmosphere this place is known for.

Faifo Cafe

Address: 130 Tran Phu Street, Minh An, Hoi An

faifo - @sarahannabella
Photo by: @sarahannabella

If we’re talking about cafes with a panoramic view most visited by young people when they come to Hoi An, we definitely have to mention Faifo Cafe. If you’re a “rooftop cafe” kind of person, Faifo will be an ideal place for you in Hoi An. Faifo Cafe is simply but cozily decorated with a dominant yellow-brown tones, creating a serene vibe for visitors. Looking down at Tran Phu Street from the upper floor, surely nobody who visits can avoid being mesmerized by this wonderful feeling: sipping a hearty cup of coffee in your hand, watching rooftops and people from above and feeling the fresh air from Hoi An. 


Address: Sidewalk of 150 Tran Phu Street.

Photo: Mót Hội An – Nước thảo mộc sả chanh

One of the reasons that people are addicted to Mót is because of the lovely things that are present here. Not an extravagantly decorated cafe, Mót is simply just a street vendor lying on the sidewalk of Tran Phu Street. So, what is it about Mót that makes everyone coming to Hoi An visit it? Anyone who goes through this street will be stopped and awed by the beauty of flat rattan baskets and small ceramic bowls with all kinds of herbs. With only 10,000 Vietnamese dong you will have a sweet and cool glass of Mót with a subtle scent of lemongrass and herbs.

LE Fê Cafétéria

Address: 69/3 Phan Chu Trinh Street, Minh An, Hoi An

le fe cafe - @kym_thetufit
Photo: @kym_thetufit

Nestled in a small alley on Phan Chu Trinh Street, LE Fê Cafétéria possesses a tranquil, airy atmosphere very suitable for those who are troubled by the noisy, busy life out there and just want to find someplace to relax. The cafe has three areas in total: the front and the rear areas are open spaces with greenery, fish ponds and utilize natural light. The middle area is a place to display ancient-style decorations. Everything creates a harmonious space, giving off a comfortable and pleasant feeling. Additionally, every Saturday night at this location, there will have exciting music concerts performed by veteran artists.

Reaching Out Cafe

Address: 131 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An

Reaching out - Hoiandanang_com
Photo by: Hoiandanang.com

Reaching Out attracts domestic and foreign visitors with its antique atmosphere and delicious Vietnamese tea. If you want to properly enjoy tea and cake, Reaching Out is probably your best option. Inside its cozy room is a subtle scent of tea along with pottery mugs, ceramic bowls, celadon ceramics, blue and white ceramics or silver plates, brass plates. Noticeably, its friendly staff consists of all hearing-impaired people. Despite their not speaking a word, visitors will still fully feel the hospitality and friendliness coming from people here.

Hoang Cafe (Wild Street)

Address: 19 Thai Phien Street, Minh An, Hoi An

Image credits: (1) Nguyen LNP, (2) Hoang Cafe, (3) Nguyen LNP, (4) Hoang Cafe via tripzilla.vn

Hoang Cafe has a vintage style thanks to the atmosphere of an old house combined with antique decorative items such as tube TVs, film cameras, old comics, etc. and photos taken in Street Life form. Additionally, this place also has a pretty and verdant little garden. Coming to Hoang, you will be able to enjoy ballads, to pick a book to read, or maybe to observe the quiet environment and write.

Jack’s Cat Cafe

Address: In the alley opposite of 12 Le Hong Phong Street, the house with the big gate on the right, Tan An, Hoi An

VanVeganHanoi via happycow.net

Jack’s Cat Cafe is special in that it’s not only a cafe with open space but also a cat rescue center (Vietnam Cat Welfare Organization). This is the common house for more than 70 cats with different names and personalities. Therefore, this is a brilliant spot for cat lovers because you can have a cup of coffee with your friends while watching adorable kitties sleeping, sunbathing, or playing with everyone.

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