English Slang Everyone Needs to Know in 2019

Stay in the loop by knowing and using these English slangs!

While it is regarded as “informal” and “unintellectual” in the eyes of academia and education, slang is commonly used worldwide, although mostly by the younger generations. Different parts around the world use slang differently according to their respective languages. For example, in French one of the popular ways to speak slang is through a technique called “Verlan”, which is to switch syllables of a French word to make a new cooler reversed slang word. In fact, “Verlan” is verlan or slang for the French word “L’envers” which means backwards in English!

According to Education First (EF), an international education company that specializes in language training, education travel, and culture exchange, using slang in our everyday speak is akin to trying to find the fine line between being cool and being awkward. However, slang words are used a lot in common speak amongst the younger generations and have influenced how English is spoken today. Even Oxford’s Dictionary, one of the world’s most trusted dictionary, has been adding new slang to its vocabulary database.
From “Collecting Receipts” to Spilling the “Tea” get to know these commonly used slang terms and stay “Woke” to speaking English slang in 2019:

  1. “Collecting Receipts” : The practice of collecting screenshots (of messages), photos, videos to use as evidence in an argument.
  2. “Tea” : Refers to the latest “gossip” that is circulating in social environments.
  3. “Left on Read”: Refers to the act having your message read but not replied to.
  4. “Woke”: Refers to being aware of current affairs or understanding of the reality around a person
  5. “Flex”: Refers to the act of showing off in social media or in conversation in a very unhumble way.

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This content is also available in: Tiếng Việt