Elections Canada Says Its System Protects Canadian Voters From U.S Style Election Drama

Elections in the U.S are conducted at the state level, with large differences in voter registration and voting rules

When some Americans questioned the legitimacy of the electoral process that led to drama, delays, and prolonged uncertainty in the US presidential race, Canada’s electoral body said the country’s independence ensures the voting system is free from political interference.

It’s been almost two days since the US elections ended and there is still no clear winner in the presidential election, with presidential Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic Party challenger Joe Biden is still waiting for results from several battlefield states.

While Biden expressed confidence that he would win and called for patience as the votes were counted, Trump declared an early victory for himself on Wednesday morning while declaring voter fraud prevalent. His campaign has since presented a series of legal challenges aimed at preventing the vote-counting process in many states.

Natasha Gauthier, spokesperson for Elections Canada’s Elections Organization, said having a centralized body to oversee federal elections helped Canada avoid some of the controversial voting rights debates that led to the election on 3 November and that led to the subsequent debate over the outcome.

Elections Canada was created a century ago as an independent, non-partisan body to manage federal elections within Canada’s parliamentary system. Head of the election board is appointed by a vote of the MPs for an unexpired 10-year term. The returning officers – who were hired by the Canadian Electoral Organization and asked not to be party members – oversee the vote in each of Canada’s 338 electoral districts.

In the United States, by contrast, elections are administered at the state level. Each state legislature establishes different laws and rules that determine the number and location of polling places, the voter registration process, which pieces of identification are required to remove. ballots and mail and absentee ballot acceptance and counting processes.

County clerks, who administer voting and counting in more than 3,000 counties of the United States, are elected officials in many states.

Pre-election day was affected by wars over voting rights as US state politicians designed voting rules during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gauthier said the existence of Canadian Elections helps Canadians avoid such battles by ensuring the rules around voting are uniform across the country. Canadian Elections provide advice to MPs about election rules and MPs to follow the Canadian Election Law, Gauthier said.

Meanwhile, as the presidential election in the U.S continues to unfold, Canada and the World are continuing to monitor the situation as no clear results have been announced after two days since the end of election day.

Some analyst and experts think it is necessary for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other world leaders needs to keep quiet about the uncertainty of the US election.

“Canada and other allies need to stay quiet, except for statements supportive of an orderly democratic process,” said Michael Bociurkiw, a Canadian who spent two years in Ukraine for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine’s Crimea region in 2014.

“What happens in these next hours and days is being watched very carefully around the world by legitimately elected leaders, dictators and coup leaders alike.”

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