Editors’ Letter – September 2019

William A. Ward, an American writer of inspiration maxims, once said a great teacher inspired his or her students. For this back-to-school issue, Culture Magazin features stories of role models who inspire with their educational instruction.

On the cover, we have Madam Do Thi Kim Lien, South African Honorary Consul in Vietnam, founder of the Green Vietnam Fund, and LIAN – the leading insurance mobile app in Vietnam. Learn how this champion for today’s youth views startups in Tips to Succeed From Grandma Shark. Spend 5 Minutes with Kevin Thach, a second generation Vietnamese-Canadian, and learn about this young man’s new business model for traditional Vietnamese food. Another inspiring story for those in the financial world is that of Kelvin Tran, CFO of the TD Bank in the United States.

Family physician Dr. Khoi will captivate your interest with his surprising views about children’s success and independence in the articles Giving Your Children the Freedom to Choose.

Other articles with helpful information include Quick Beauty, how to create a gorgeous everyday look in less than five minutes, Getaways from Bustling City Life that looks at the six best beaches in Vietnam, Sault Ste. Marie’s Spectacular Scenery Calls that recalls the inspirational landscape of Ontario’s north, and Are You at Risk of Stroke? that shares the secrets of staying healthy. Enjoy this issue of Culture Magazin.

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This content is also available in: Tiếng Việt