Editor’s Letter – Jan 2020

We are stepping into 2020, a new year, a brand-new decade, and a new 12-year cycle of the animal signs, starting with Year of the Rat. Together, let’s embrace the new year with fresh beginnings, goals, and adventures.

In the first issue of 2020, Culture Magazin takes you on a journey to new destinations, to meet new faces, try new food, make new recipes, and more.

The cover story features a woman that I greatly respect. Dr. Mylene Huynh went from being a little “boat-people” girl to becoming a United States Air Force colonel. In an interview with Culture Magazin, Dr. Huynh talks about her military life, how she gives back, and the significance of health and balance in life. We also have a 5-minute talk with witty YouTuber, Kayla Nguyen. She is a second-generation Vietnamese-American who shares her lovely and funny perspective on learning Vietnamese. 

The Travel column invites you to explore Phu Quoc paradise, that is nicknamed the Pearl Island. It is one of nine World Biosphere Reserve locations in Vietnam, recognized by UNESCO. Then, join the “treasure hunt” in Toronto’s West End. 

The Lifestyle column will share the benefits of figs and two new interesting recipes for Tet, beef stew and Vietnamese rolls. Check out our article on Tourism Trends in the Tet Holiday 2020. Oh, and remember to go to our new Culture Channel on YouTube for culture and lifestyle videos that are updated weekly.

I hope the new year brings you good health,
prosperity, success and a fulfilling life! 
HAPPY 2020!

This post is also available in: Tiếng Việt


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