Decoding Fashion

Top 4 styles that help you decipher the newest trends.

Fashion can reflect how we cope with changes in society. Alternating trends can reveal a wearer’s viewpoint. For example, a concern for environmental protection and against coral reef bleaching is apparent when someone choses 2019’s colour of the year, Living Coral. The desire for gender equality and feminism is reflected in wide shoulder blazers. With the development of technology in recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI), shades of blue and futuristic designs are also in the designers’ zone. Creative use of materials includes incorporating transparent plastic or a hologram on popular fabrics such as cotton.


In terms of design, products with geometric patterns that we often encounter in space adventure and fiction films help increase the ability to put a futuristic spin on clothing. In addition, mono-coloured designs focus on innovation with bold cuts, cool structure, and metallic highlights.

Knit Sneakers

Athletic shoes like dad’s, made from leather are popular, but so are those made with woven fabrics. Using highly durable and elastic materials, these sport shoes are form-fitting and bring comfort to the wearer. Thanks to the elastic, a wearer can avoid the pain of swelling feet after a long day of work. This style is suitable for both daily needs as well as sports activities such as football, baseball or tennis.

Jewelry Choices

Choosing accessories that go well with your outfit will improve your overall appearance. However, be careful not to look overdressed. Simple and beautiful hair clips with pearls will make your outfit more eye-catching but are not too troublesome. Marble patterns necklaces or earrings are also sought by young people thanks to the diversity of designs and flexibility when matching clothing. Whatever your style is, choose at least one accessory to create an accent for your outfit.

Paperbag trousers:

Don’t be too surprised when you suddenly catch a glimpse of oversized pants on the street. This is expected to be one of the most up-and-coming trends. Thanks to a comfortable shape, the pants allow the wearer to enjoy movement with ease. Some materials used for this design are thin and airy linen, ever versatile cotton, or even sturdy denim jeans. These pants are suitable as the season changes from summer to autumn, in hot colours, such as pumpkin orange or more neutral tones of beige or brown.

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This content is also available in: Tiếng Việt