Dad, thank you for everything.

On June 16, Canadians will spend the day showing gratitude to their fathers and other father figures with a range of fun activities that include dinners and visits to places of interest like the movies or museums.

For many years, Canadians have celebrated Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June. The purpose of this day is to show appreciation to all the fathers and father figures in our lives. These figures include step-fathers, grandfathers, uncles and anyone who takes a father’s role.

Father’s Day is not a federal public holiday in Canada. However, it’s always celebrated on a Sunday and many fathers are able to enjoy it with their children. In Canada, it’s common that children go out with their fathers for lunch, dinner or enjoy other activities like going to the movies, aquarium or the zoo, in order to show love and spend quality time.

Canadians adopted Father’s Day, after the US began to celebrate it.

Father’s Day has being celebrated for over a century. According to the Methodist Church, Father’s Day has its beginnings over a century ago. In 1909, after a Mother’s Day sermon at the
Central Methodist Episcopal Church in Spokane, Wash., Sonora Smart Dodd was so touched by it. Her mother had died a couple of years earlier and her father raised six kinds alone. For this reason, Dodd realized fathers needed their own special day. She proposed it to several religious members in her locality who accepted the idea.

On June 9. 1910 the city celebrated the first Father’s Day.  Soon enough, the celebration was popular across the U.S. and Canada and in 1972 American President Richard Nixon declared the third Sunday of June as the official Father’s Day.

However, some countries in Europe celebrated Father’s Day way before the holiday became popular in North America. Catholic nations began celebrating Father’s Day on March 19, also known as St. Joseph’s Day. The celebration was brought into Latin America when the Spanish and Portuguese came into the continent.

Today, over 50 countries around the world celebrate Father’s Day. Despite being a day to celebrate father’s hard work and show respect and love, Father’s Day has become commercialized by many industries and according to a survey by   over 48 per cent of Canadians consider that Father’s Day is not as important as Mother’s Day. The survey, which polled 1,514 Canadian adults, also showed that seven out of 10 Canadians consider fathers don’t get as much recognition on Father’s Day as mums do their day, reported the
HuffPost. Additionally, the survey showed that 40 per cent of fathers are likely to be upset if forgotten on Father’s Day.
However, those who celebrate Father’s Day also tend to show their love by gifting their parents with presents/ Kids gift their fathers’ cards, chocolates and flowers. Adults on the other hand, give them expensive gifts such as wallets or gadgets.

Another tradition adopted by many Canadians is to wear roses to show their appreciation for their fathers. If the rose is red it means the father is alive; if it’s white it means the father has passed away.

Father’s Day is a great day to celebrate our fathers, show them love and thank them for all their sacrifices and hard work.

Culture Magazine wishes everyone a happy Father’s Day.

Ivonne Flores Kauffman

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