Da Lat Farm Tours Attract Millions Of Tourists To Vietnam

Resort cities such as Da Lat continue to make efforts to attract tourism with a diverse range of activities such as farm tours.

Contrary to other Asian landscapes, the hill town of Da Lat reminds tourists of a European city. In fact, many call it ‘Le Petit Paris’ for its hills, architecture and the mini-Eiffel tower replica located in the centre of the town.

Located in the Vietnamese province of Lam Dong that is 1,500 m above the sea level, which provides it with breath-taking views and lots of vegetation. The city is well known as a touristic paradise filled with flowers and vegetables growing all-year-long. Ultimately, this has helped to enhance the provincial tourism sector by putting great efforts into developing and improving farm tours for the tourists with a more exciting experience.

As a result of these efforts, Da Lat has received over 2.4 million visitors in the first four months of 2019.

Farm tours provide tourists with the opportunity to take Instagram-worthy photos amid the orchards, pick red ripe strawberries, get involved in different farm activities such as visiting tea plantations and giant pumpkin and black tomato gardens.

Additionally, farm tours also offer tourists the opportunity to learn more about organic farming and hydroponic vegetable growing models. Hydroponic vegetable models allow farmers to grow vegetables without using soils. Instead, they use nutrient-enriched water, this method helps plants to grow 25 to 30 per cent faster than traditional ones.

Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc, Deputy Director of the Lam Dong provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, told Radio the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) that the locality has brought the farming model into operation as an attempt to transform tourism into the lead industry in the province. Today the city has over 30 farm tour models operating under the current model of farm tours.

However, Ngoc said local authorities, organizations and individuals continue to make a joint effort to improve the quality of the tours.

Ivonne Flores Kauffman

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