Đá Dĩa Reef: A Natural Masterpiece in Phú Yên

Explore the province most famous destination.

Located in Tuy An District, Phú Yên Province, Đá Dĩa Reef (translating to stone plates reef) is known for its pristine harmony of the sky, sea, and everything in between. The place is said to be a precious gem that Mother Nature bestowed on Phú Yên and it was listed as a National Heritage site in 1998.

Mysterious lore

Tourist attractions have always been associated with myths in Vietnam and Đá Dĩa Reef is no exception. The most popular story says this reef was once a wealthy widower’s treasure. Devastated by his wife and son’s passing, he gave away a part of his fortune and kept the rest there for a prominent ruler. Then he became a monk and finally found Nirvana. Thieves found the treasure and tried to rob it but they failed to open the door. Instead, they burned down everything. Though the fire raged for days, the treasure remained unscathed. Suddenly a storm marched in, blowing the thieves away. Then silence surged blanketed the area. When the local residents came to check, they found the treasure had disappeared but stone plates remained in neat order, layer by layer.

Mother Nature’s artwork

Somewhat similar to Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, Da Dia Reef is made of round, pentagon, and hexagon basalt stones stacked in layers by the ocean. Although it looks like it could be man-made, this well-known destination is a natural artwork.

Da Dia Reef was born two hundred million years ago when a volcano exploded at Vân Hòa plateau. Molten basalt flowed into the cold water of Phú Yên sea causing vertical and horizontal column shapes to form.

The reef covers an area of two square kilometers where stone plates are stacked on each other and look like a massive, exposed honeycomb. Possessing a harmonious combination of stones, sea, and sky, Đá Dĩa Reef’s picturesque landscape is mesmerizing.

The destination’s beauty does not depend only on its structure. The stones reflect different colors depending on the time of the day. At dawn, sunbeams paint them with cheerful yellow shades. When the sun sets, a reddish-orange glow dyes the stones a light pink.

What to do at Đá Dĩa Reef?

Every year from January to June in the Lunar calendar, fishermen in coastal Phú Yên hold a festival to pray for a good fish harvest. Depending on the season, visitors can swim, enjoy seafood at Bàng beach, and admire the beams of the Gành Đèn lighthouse after dark.

People also visit neighboring destinations such as Ô Loan Estuary, where the fairies are said to descend to earth. Phú Yên is famous for having one of the biggest lobster farms in the country. At the farms, seafood fans can observe and learn more about the crustaceans.

Phú Yên offers many types of seafood but tropical rock lobster is the specialty. Diners are drawn to its rich taste and can savor tasty dishes while admiring the ocean.

Đá Dĩa Reef traveling tips:

The best time to visit Phú Yên and Đá Dĩa Reef is from March to August when there is little rain and it is cool and comfortable.

You can get to the reef from the centre of Phú Yên province by motorbike on roads with spectacular views. The Central region’s 35km coastal road is best.

A variety of accommodations fit visitors’ budgets. If you like camping, you can immerse yourself in the sounds of the sea.

For Phú Yên’s people, Đá Dĩa Reef is a gift of nature, and a witness to the area’s geological history. If you go, listen to the symphony of the waves and sea breezes. You’ll find yourself turning into an inner calm and you will feel at peace.

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