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In case you don’t know what it means, it is a common greeting among Vietnamese people whenever we encounter each other. Instead of saying “Hi!” to all the readers who are either planning on learning more about us or already a subscriber of Culture Magazin, we decide to begin with our native language to scatter a sense of rootedness for whoever identify themselves as Vietnamese as well as to encapsulate our motto “Be Pioneer, Be Unique.”


Founded in 2014 by Ann Nguyen, Culture Magazin becomes the first-ever bilingual English-Vietnamese magazine in Canada promoting and respecting the cross-cultural connection of Canadian and Vietnamese cultures. So, it all started from an “East Meets West” approach. We adapt ourselves to Canadian cultures but remain nostalgic for the values that define our origin. We consume a ‘Western-style’ diet more often but soon realize a family dinner is what we always crave for whenever possible. A trip to somewhere to enjoy the magnificent scenery in Canada can be reminiscent of Vietnam’s rustic beauty of cultural destinations and breathtaking landscapes. As a result, Culture Magazin was established to bridge the gap between East and West. While differences remain, the distinction is getting blurred.


Culture Magazin’s mission is to inform, promote, and enable the exchange of Canadian and Vietnamese cultures and values through well-researched and high-quality content about Culture, Fashion & Beauty, and Lifestyle.


We strive to become a credible hub of Canada and East Asian where informed decisions are made, interests unite people, and cultures transcend distance.


We introduce diverse cultures with a focus on North America and Vietnam through articles written by world renowned authors, and prominent historians

We capture fascinating destinations around the world and update practical travel advice from current world travellers and bloggers

We suggest hobbies and ideas for daily life such as shopping guide, inspirational living space decorating ideas, etc.

We look for fashion inspiration from internationally acclaimed designers and collect beauty tips from experts acrossNorth America.

We present readers with delicious Vietnamese and Asian recipes and luscious food images from all corners of the world as well as local hotspot recommendations and restaurant reviews.

We cover exclusive health conversations with naturopathic and medical doctors and provide diet and nutritional tips.


We cover big names in different industries, chronicling their careers, providing readers with up-to-date information on their current projects, inspiring readers with their achievements and community service


  • Facebook: 33,000+ followers
  • Instagram: 1,900+ followers
  • Magazine: 320,000 readers in North America
  • Website:
  • 13,000+ Monthly Unique Visitors
  • 664,000 Monthly Impressions
  • In March 2019, Culture Magazin was ranked 5th in Top 10 World Culture Websites by Feedspot.
  • In March 2018, Culture Magazin was ranked 10th in Top 30 Vietnam Blogs by Feedspot.


Why Advertise with Culture Magazin?

  1. Global Readers and Multimedia Platforms
    Your brand will be featured on our multimedia platforms and seen by our global readers; thus, improving your brand awareness and product recognition.
  2. Wide Distribution across North America
    Our magazine is distributed to more than 300 locations in Canada and the United States.
  3. Unique Approach “East Meets West”:
    Culture Magazin is the first-ever bilingual English-Vietnamese magazine serving Vietnamese, Chinese and East-Asian readers around the world.
  4. Symbiotic Partnership:
    Our passionate, committed and culturally diverse team with a deep understanding of Asian culture will help you reach your target audience. We also improve your R.O.I by generating the lowest cost per impact.
  5. Beyond a Business:
    Culture Magazin has been acknowledged by Feedspot as one of the top world culture websites.
    In 2019, we were ranked 5th in Top 10 World Culture Websites.
Culture Magazine
Culture Magazin®, the only high gloss Vietnamese and English magazine published in Toronto, Canada, serving both Vietnamese and Western readers.




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