Culinary Artisan Anh Tuyet

The one who communicates with the world through Vietnamese cuisine

After devoting more than half a century to Hanoi’s traditional gastronomy in the heart of the capital, the artisan is still committed to preserving traditional Vietnamese flavor and “communicating” with world leaders through her hometown, flavor-enriched dishes.

A destined relationship with Vietnamese cuisine

Currently, Nam Duong soy sauce has two product lines. Nam Duong Condensed which supplements the micronutrient iron and is good for health. Nam Duong Premium has the highest protein content on the market. A brand focused on consumers’ health, Nam Duong soy sauce uses natural ingredients, combined with esoteric production recipes from 1951, to create the distinct Tau vi yeu flavor favored by people across the country. Nam Duong soy sauce is now available in some foreign markets including the U.S. and Hungary. The producers promise it will come to the Canadian market in the near future.

The relationship between culinary artisan Anh Tuyet and Hanoi cuisine has been destined since childhood when she was taught by women who were close to her – her grandmother and mother. Her grandmother showed her how to wash vegetables properly without damaging them, and to how to choose different kinds of water spinach for stir-frying or boiling. Through these women, she gradually understood the nuances of Hanoi’s gastronomy and kept them in a special place in her heart.

According to Tuyet, this cuisine is the national spirit that preceding generations have explored and perfected, creating a distinct national identity for the S-shaped country. She feels the mission of their descendants is to preserve and promote the essence of traditional cuisine.

A diplomat using Vietnamese cuisine

In the heart of the capital, Tuyet has been silently preserving the essence of Hanoi’s gastronomy in particular and Vietnamese gastronomy in general. Over the past six decades, she has brought that dedication to the seasoning and cooking of dishes for guests. Her meticulousness has helped her reach the pinnacle of perfection.

To Tuyet, food is the place to store good memories for international friends as well as children of the land of Viet. She feels the chef, as artisan, is responsible for promoting culture as well as keeping the culinary essence of the land.

In a small loft on Ma May Street, she diligently choses ingredients such as Nam Duong soy sauce (formerly Tau vi yeu Con Meo Den). She appreciates the light, naturally sweet aroma as she cooks traditional dishes for her diners. The vegetarian dishes of Anh Tuyet’s restaurant are also unforgettable for many customers because of the familiar secret condiment – Nam Duong soy sauce.

I believe promoting cuisine is one of the shortest, most effective ways to promote Vietnamese culture and bring people closer to international friendsshe says concluding a story about a Hanoian woman with a great ambition to bring Vietnamese cuisine to the world.

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