Creating a Hotel-style Living space

Vietnam firm embraces a design revolution.

Interior design in Vietnam is still quite a new concept. Most people believe an interior designer is simply a person who comes up with design ideas, 3D drawings, and makes furniture and colour selections. Many times designers have no idea of a space’s construction, they just try to focus on creating an impressive design. But, because they have not considered the construction, the design effects can be impractical and not as seen in the 3D drawing. This becomes a nightmare for owners.

What is a hotel design style for the home?  It is a design process, a completely new style that KW Creative Co. is developing for the Vietnam market. It means homeowners do not have to spend time and effort monitoring and supervising the construction process. They can save that time for their personal business and comfortably leave the entire project to the design and construction team from the beginning to the end. Upon completion, owners just need to carry in their luggage and start enjoying a beautiful life in the new house.

Looking at this concept in detail, we offer various ways to decorate.
Project: Luxury Living (Lake View City, District 2, Eastern Saigon)
Designed by: KW Creative Co.
Design idea: Hospitality Concept in Living Space
Design solutions: Do not focus on textures or too much furniture to avoid narrowing the living space. Use durable materials and colours that harmonize with the outside green space. Remember “Less is more.”

Living room: Go simple with a sofa, two arm chairs and a coffee table. Don’t use an L-shape sofa to avoid being too homey.

Lobby: Use a console table or a credenza, then place two table lamps for balance, or use a flower vase and a large wall painting.

Dining table: This is where people spend most of their time. Bowls and plates are arranged neatly along with napkins and silverware. A candlestick is added to the middle of the table for decoration or you can use a large flower vase instead. Somewhere in this area, we also place a wine cart for decoration and to serves family or friends.

Bedroom: Choosing bedding is important. Most of the time, KW selects products from Hotel Collections, since they are of durable quality and breathable. Plain, solid colours are best for the sheets. Avoid patterns since they will make a room look jumbled. Use four to six pillows and arrange equally on two sides of the bed. A bedside table brings about balance and is convenient to store belongings.

Restroom: KW also pays attention to small belongings such as toothbrushes, soap and handwash bottle, and places them in a neat and elegant way. A small flower vase brings freshness to the room. These details are looked after at the end stage and touched up one last time before owners arrive.

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