COVID-19 Neurological Symptoms Emerge in Most Hospitalized Patients, Study Says

Covid-19 neurological symptoms emerge in most hospitalized patients, study says

A new study found that most patients hospitalized with COVID-19 had neurological symptoms.

The researchers wrote in the study published in the journal Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology on Monday, patients with COVID-19 had neurological symptoms at “high frequency, occurring in more than 4 out of 5 patients. COVID-19 hospitalized in the hospital network system”.

The study included data from the medical records of 509 COVID-19 patients hospitalized at 9 hospitals and an academic medical center in the Northwestern Medicine Care system in the Chicago area from March to May 4.

Of these patients, about a quarter of the patients (26.3%) had to be ventilated.

Researchers from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine found that 42.2% of patients had neurological manifestations of COVID-19’s disease when they first started having symptoms before arriving at the hospital.

Then, by the time the patient became seriously ill and required hospital admission, 62.7% of them had neurological symptoms.

Overall, the researchers found that at any point during the COVID-19 disease, 82% of patients had neurological symptoms such as headache or brain disease, changes in function or structure. Brain.

The most frequent neurological manifestations are:

  • Myalgia, 45% of patients experience
  • Headache, 37.7% of patients experienced
  • Diseases affecting the brain, 32% of patients encounter
  • Dizziness, encountered by 30% of patients
  • Decreased taste, seen in 16% of patients
  • Loss of smell, seen in 11.4% of patients

The data showed that people with neurological symptoms also had longer stays in the hospital, about eight days versus five days, compared to those without neurological symptoms. Also, the average time in hospital for those with encephalopathy was more than three times longer.

Researchers also found that patients with any neurological symptoms tended to be younger than those who didn’t.

This is not the first time that neurological symptoms have been studied in COVID-19 patients.

A report in April found that more than a third of the 214 patients studied with COVID-19 experienced neurological complications ranging from loss of smell to stroke.

Viruses can lead to neurological complications such as delirium, encephalitis, stroke, and nerve damage.

In a study by University College London published in July, 10 out of 43 patients had “temporary brain dysfunction” and delirium, while 12 had encephalitis, 8 had a stroke, and 8 people with nerve damage.

Another article published in June in the journal The Lancet Psychiatry looked at 153 patients in the UK and found that even people under the age of 60 could suffer from mental disorders, depression or stroke.

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