2021 Trends: Colours Around Us

The forecast for 2021 trends

Colours are all around us, providing a substantial impact on feelings and experiences. The use of colours, from dark to bright, can also hint at emotions and personalities. In so many aspects of life, including fashion, beauty and decor, colours are integral to how we present ourselves to the world.

Along with the big firms in the trend forecasting business, such as Pantone and WGSN, Shutterstock is an emerging name. This huge online image library has just announced the three colours and their HEX code that are expected to be booming in 2021. HEX code is a six-digit combination of numbers and letters defined by its mix of red, green and blue (RGB) that graphic designers and web developers use for their work.

They are soft neutral Set Sail Champagne (#FAEBD7), the warm yellow Fortuna Gold (#DAA520) and the deep teal Tidewater Green (#2F4F4F). To conduct this forecast, Shutterstock looked at its customers’ download history. Their experts analyzed the HEX code data in each pixel to determine the content creators’ hobbies, habits, and visions – key factors in shaping trends.

Set Sail Champagne

A neutral tone, Set Sail Champagne invokes softness, comfort, and simplicity, like a blank canvas. Looking closer, this colour has a light orange tint, making it easy to combine with other tones, especially earthy shades of brown, taupe, and green. Since it is a pastel orange, it also goes well with other pastels, such as baby blue or pale pink, for a modern, youthful, yet modest feel.

Shutterstock says that Set Sail Champagne best represents the culture, people and lifestyle of Canada, Argentina, and Japan.

For interior decor, you can install granite with light orange marbling, change the colour of your house’s walls, or add some dried flowers in this tone. For winter fashion, a sweater in a light neutral shade is practical, timeless and on trend.

Fortuna Gold

At first sight, this colour sparks thoughts of precious treasure. Not only is it bold, but Fortuna Gold also evokes the warm feeling of golden sunlight. Combining this colour with other vibrant ones, such as a contrasting purple, will create an interesting and dynamic palette. You can also mix it with yellow green and green to create a smooth gradient visual effect. In nails, a small golden detail will make your designs more elegant and luxurious.

For interior design, using Kintsugi items is a must-try. Kintsugi is known as Kintsukuroi, meaning the art of repairing with gold in Japanese. The artist collects broken pieces of porcelain and mends them with gold or platinum to bring the item back to life with more beauty than the original version. Aside from elegant, artistic golden details, Kintsugi carries a philosophy about imperfection: Damage is a part of the history that creates a better version, and should not be covered.

Tidewater Green

Tidewater Green is not as simple as Set Sail Champagne or as shiny as Fortuna Gold. The deep teal shade provides an illusion of deep water with foamy white waves. A mixture of grey and blue, it works well with green and blue shades. White and gold will enhance this colour’s mystic and strong traits.

For interior design, combine a dark teal wall colour with white granite and white objects to make a home stand out. Make a fashion statement by combining a mono colour suit with jade accessories golden details to create vital yet gracious energy.

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This content is also available in: Tiếng Việt