Coach Launches New Collection Together with Michael B. Jordan

Inspired by the classic Japanese manga, Naruto, Coach x Michael B. Jordan's new collection is sure to trend.

On October 1st, Coach officially introduced a new collection in collaboration with the actor, producer and the brand’s first global representative, Michael B. Jordan. What makes this collection special is that it was inspired by the famous Japanese manga Naruto.

Though the collection has many different designs, it retains the inherent features of Naruto. Especially, the eye motif. This unique symbol has been redesigned combined with the classic “C” logo of Coach. Products in this collection include jackets, jeans, trendy hoodies, backpacks, versatile bags and boots.

Coach x Michael B. Jordan Denim Jacket, $950
Coach x Michael B. Jordan Denim Jacket, $950

Along with some other famous comics such as One Piece, Fairy Tail or Dragon Balls, Naruto is one of the most popular Japanese comics in North America and internationally. The collection serves to bridge Eastern and Western cultures by fusing a famous Japanese comic series with the classic American brand.

Michael B. Jordan has stated that he loves Japanese comics. This very collection is the one that he uses to turn the words he said earlier into reality.

Photos courtesy of Coach.

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This content is also available in: Tiếng Việt