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Check out these new items for fall and winter

A shade of grey

An elegant long coat is an attractive item for fall’s cool days. Unlike in extremely cold weather, this season is a good time to dress in light outer wear. If you are bored with the brownish colours that we usually see in fall, get revitalized with this versatile coat. The fur collar enhances the style. If you wear layers, it’s good to go on winter days as well.
Emilia Skirt Coat, $250.
Available at Evernew stores and

Bold boots

Two contrasting looks, elegant and edgy, rule this season. You can balance them in one outfit. Take a bold choice, such as a pair of snakeskin print boots, and match the with some classic, plain items. These boots from Aldo are a good example and the platforms will give your feet some extra support.
Karmak Boots, $130.
Available at

In the bag

Geometric designs are popular these days. They can be chic and good for workwear, too. A high-quality leather bag featuring unique geometic shapes adds to a stylish, professional outfit. Durable and water-repellent, this bag not only protects papers but also your personal belongings.
Linnea Women’s Work Bag, $335.
Available at Ecco stores and

Time Piece

The purple, pastel dial of this watch triggers visions of the galaxy while silver flakes enhance its feminine beauty. The light beige strap adds a neutral tone, making it suitable for most occasions, whether for work or a night out.
Celestial Star Mother of Pearl Dial, Olivia Burton, $195.
Available at

Bright cheeks

Blush is the secret to achieving a lively look. After a long day at work, tiredness may show on your skin. A coral colour blush with some glitter will attract light to your cheeks and make your face brighter. Coral is good for both cool and warm undertones so don’t worry about looking pale. The texture is soft, buildable and pigmented [WHAT DOES BUILDABLE AND PIGMENTED MEAN?].
Kiss Me Coral Powder Blush, Revlon, $13.
Available at drugstores and

Instant remover

Are you looking for a makeup remover that can clean stubborn makeup? This oil makeup remover has a light texture and contains ingredients derived from 100 per cent botanical olive oil. Good for sensitive skin, it doesn’t clog your pores and removes makeup that water-based products cannot, such as eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and matte lipstick.
Sensitive Skin Oil Cleanser, $19 for 200ml.
Available at Muji stores.

Collagen boost

Gently apply this serum to your face twice a day to help enhance the elasticity and bounce of your skin. The two key ingredients of this serum are a low molecular-weight collagen solution and a firming booster complex. After using, your skin will be rejuvenated and firmer with less appearance of wrinkles.
Firming Collagen Booster, $75.
Available at Shoppers Drug Mart and

Keep it Clean

Many men have problems with their skin, such as acne or large pores, due to unsuitable cleansing routines. With a charcoal mask, you could see improvement such as brighter, smoother skin with tightened pores. Unlike some clay masks, this one is light and hydrated, thanks to mineral thermalizing water. It is a quick step that can be added to men’s and women’s skincare routines.
Pureté Thermale Charcoal Mask, $34.
Available at

Neck and neck

A high-quality turtleneck not only gives you a stylish look but also keeps you warm. Made with 55 per cent cotton, 40 per cent nylon and five per cent acrylic, the sweater is breathable yet has elasticity. Add some neutrality to your closet by choosing this camel shade.
Turtleneck Sweater, $50.
Available at RW&Co stores and

Lightweight carry on

Tired of wrestling with heavy luggage on your trips? Don’t know which size is OK for North American and European flights? Get yourself a carry-on that complies with the policies of nearly all airlines. The simple design and unique colour go far for those who love exploring new destinations. The bag also has retractable straps that can transform into a backpack.
Transporter Carry-on Luggage, $230.
Available at

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