Celebrate The Whole Valentine’s Week with Your Love

February 14 Valentine’s Day is coming, but for those we love, one day never seems to be enough to show our love. In many places, there is a full week of sweet love before Valentine’s Day!Fe

February 7- Happy Rose Day

The story says that Goddess of Love was born with a white rose. However, the Goddess accidentally let the thorns of the roses stab into her hand because of suffering from the death of her husband. Her drop of blood made the white rose turn red. Since then, red roses are considered as the symbol of intense love.

February 8- Happy Propose Day

You are desiring for love. If you are in love with someone and still hesitate, let’s choose February 8 as a day to show off your mind. For married couples, this is also a special occasion to warm up your love.

February 9- Happy Chocolate Day

The Valentine’s Week will not be completed without Chocolate Day. A bit of bitterness mixed with sweetness in chocolate is like ups and downs in love, making it live forever in our heart.

February 10- Happy Teddy Day

Teddy bears are considered as gifts much more meaningful than thousands of words. It is no coincidence that people often say a lover as a bear. Teddy bears represent for your loved one, always by your side on every road.

February 11- Happy Promise Day

The sincere wish to be together with your loved one till the end of life is something everyone wants. Therefore, February 11 is considered to be the day to honour the wish.

February 12- Happy Hug Day

A gentle hug will help alleviate all sadness in life. Do not forget to give your loved one a tight hug this day.

February 13- Happy Kiss Day

Kisses must be the sweetest thing in love. A kiss is an excuse to start love and also to help nurture true love.

February 14- Happy Valentine’s Day

There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day depending on every budget. It could be a romantic dinner under candlelight, a short trip or simply a moment of engagement through conversation. Whatever your plan is, there are always different ways to have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

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This content is also available in: Tiếng Việt