Brittanya Karma, Confident to the Max!

How Brittanya Karma, a second-generation Vietnamese-German vlogger, encourages oversize women to claim their power.

Brittanya Karma,  (real name Phuong Linh Nguyen), has built a huge audience in the Vietnamese online community due to her funny clips. The 28-year-old vlogger’s stories are usually about her daily life, such as cultural differences between her and her parents or they are simply about her experiences when traveling back to Vietnam. Her cheerful spirit and lovely foreigners’ Vietnamese accent is well known to her audience, as confirmed by her 585,000 Facebook likes.

In 2018, she enrolled in The Bachelor Vietnam, where 24 women competed to win a single man’s heart and become his romantic partner. Different from the usual beauty standards of a slim waist and smooth-bright skin, Nguyen is a plus size and has the same amount of likes and interactions on social media as the usual beauty queens.

Last December, she released a hip hop music video called “Tự Tin” (it means confident in English) and gained more than 1.8 million views in a month. She performed this song at the Zing Music Awards 2019 and the Saigoii Hip-hop Event 2020. Thanks to her opportunities to perform in Vietnam, Nguyen appreciated the way people there worked so seriously, whether it was a small or large event.

“I’m not Vietnamese while I’m in Vietnam and I’m not German when I’m in Germany. But I’m happy to be able to empathize with both great cultures.”


Born and raised in Hamburg, Nguyen is a Vietnamese-German girl, with a plus size body that is different from other family members. From a young age, her plump appearance garnered comments from relatives and friends. “Since birth, my parents have called me fat!” – Nguyen said, laughing as she recounted her childhood. Although they teased her, her parents never stop loving Nguyen.
In Germany, she sometimes teases her friends that she is not German because of her modest height. Not only that, because of her plus size, no one thought she was Vietnamese. “Many people say I am not Vietnamese when I am in Vietnam, nor am I German, when I am in Germany. It took me so long to ignore all those negative comments and realize how amazing I am. I’m happy to be able to empathize with both cultures,” Nguyen said.

The Vietnamese-German vlogger has made it a point to always be authentic, even when she is online. In some videos she is beautifully made up. But in others, she shows her bare face. She prides herself on being honest with her fans, compared to other artists.

“I’m 28 years old. I have nothing but confidence and perhaps so do you. Keep dreaming and stick to it!”

Brittanya Karma

Nguyen’s “Tự Tin” music video is about the issue of appearance. She said the most important thing for women, whether thick or thin, is to be confident, and to love and take care of themselves. She noted that women are born with the right to love, pamper, and make themselves beautiful by wearing lipstick and doing their hair if they want to. Criticism can make some people forget those rights. But Nguyen pointed out that a woman will become attractive and charming in her own eyes, and the eyes of others, if she is confident.
Here are her tips to stay positive: “Every morning I listen to exciting music. The day will be down if I start it with sad songs. After that, it is important to stop comparing yourself with others. Every person born in this world is unique. Stop judging others and don’t gossip. In the end, eat what you like to eat and do what you want to do.”

Nguyen is happy that she has inspired thousands of young girls. “I am 28 years old. I have nothing but confidence and perhaps so do you. Keep dreaming, and keep making your dreams come true.” Nguyen has proven that no matter who you are, no matter what you look like, if you are confident, you will become more attractive to everyone around.

By: Nhat Chien

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