Beauty Essentials for a Lovely Holiday Season

Top products for a youthful look at year-end events.

Celebrating year end has long been a tradition to show love, appreciation and hope for a better year ahead. This holiday season is highly anticipated since gatherings will be allowed at indoor venues. In addition to wearing a gorgeous outfit, putting on luxurious makeup is sure to make you shine. After staying home so long due to COVID-19, surprise your friends with a healthy and youthful look enhanced by these products.

Nutrient Booster

In winter, extreme weather is the main contributor to dry, flaky, dull skin. This boost of nutrients will help soothe and mitigate the harmful effects of external factors such as pollution, resulting in a healthy glow. Probiotics are a big plus as they repair and accelerate the regeneration of cells. This product aims to maintain and optimize protection.

Mineral 89 Probiotic Fractions, Vichy, $50. Available at

Proper Moisturizing

The key to a smooth foundation for makeup is hydrated skin. Gel moisturizers are great for combination and oily skin as they instantly soften while leaving a lightweight, clean feeling. Two ingredients, niacinamide and betaine, enhance radiance and smoothness. After using, wait for three to five minutes to let it absorb before starting your makeup routine. The gel creates a cool and relaxed feeling that helps relieve any stress and features a cherry blossom scent.

Dewy Glow Moisturizer with Cherry Blossom & Niacinamide, Innisfree, $32. Available at sephora. ca.

Complexion Perfection

After nourishing and moisturizing the skin, you must choose a proper foundation. This one gives medium coverage, is long-lasting and leaves you with a natural and airbrushed finish that looks and feels like a second skin. Thanks to its matte texture, it is suitable for combination and oily skin. Users with dry skin need to carefully hydrate before applying makeup to avoid caking. Comes in 20 shades for various complexions and is infused with vitamin E for extra nourishment.

Flawless Liquid Foundation, Nude by Nature, $36. Available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Light it Up

It would be remiss not to mention highlighters to illuminate your facial features. Apply this to the bridge of the nose, apples of the cheek and above eyebrows. The set comes with three handy sticks in different hues that can be used for eyeshadow, lips and face. The texture is soft and blendable so beginners can easily master their own technique.

Illuminating Sticks, RCMA Makeup, $45. Available at

Delicate Youthfulness

Choosing the right blush is key to achieving a radiant look. Unlike powder, cream blush requires no tools. You can take out the product and apply it directly to the skin by hand, but it is helpful to have a brush or sponge. Blended from the outside of the cheek, you can achieve a natural, blurring effect. Adding color is its primary job, but the product also moisturizes with ingredients, including squalane (lipids extracted from sugar cane and sugar beet). Comes in eight different shades.

Cheeky Clean Cream Blush, Beautycounter, $50. Available at

Fine Strokes

Neat and stylish eyebrows show how thoroughly a person cares about their appearance. Not everyone has a naturally bold and defined brow shape, so using a pencil can accentuate elegance. Choose lighter shades than the color of your hair for a soft, feminine effect. This liner has a small, pointed tip so you can draw delicate strokes, mimicking brow hair. Do not fill in solidly as that will result in a harsh and unnatural look.

Nano Eyebrow Liner, Marcelle, $12. Available at and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Charming Accents

Glitter eyeshadow is sure to draw attention in gatherings. Choose golden flakes for a touch of pure opulence. This chrome pot is filled with sparkling, reflective bits and vivid color that will make your eyes pop. Use your hands to layer the product over your eyeshadow, or take a flat brush to apply directly onto the lid for a metallic effect. Comes in nine colors.

Infinite Chrome Flakes (Fire Ball), Danessa Myricks Beauty, $31. Available at

Empowering Red

A New Year’s Eve party is an excellent time for introverts to try something new without being too flashy. Red lipsticks are a bold but safe start. Wearing this shade can be empowering and catches everybody’s eyes. Love Flame is an orange red that is suitable for all skin undertones, from warm to cool. It is long lasting, with a matte texture and goes on smoothly without dehydrating the lips. Since red symbolizes good fortune in Asian culture, this lipstick could bring you a happy holiday.

Limitless Lucky Lips (Love Flame), Charlotte Tilbury, $39. Available at

Dynamic Beauty

This product can give you a sunkissed glow and is helpful for those who have drab, pale skin. A spray design allows users to apply the mist directly and evenly to the skin instead of rubbing it on like most self tanning products. Vegan ingredients and hyaluronic acid are the keys to its radiant and glowy effects. Use at least one day before your holiday event to let the product work its magic. The color will remain for a couple of days.

Self Tan Purity Face Mist, St. Tropez, $39. Available at Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Stylish Highlights

A complete beauty package includes hair styling. If you don’t have time or are not ready for the hair salon, this temporary hair dye is a great help. If your locks are faded, this product is a quick step to even the color again. Note, the product only shows up well on blonde or light brown shades. In addition, apricot kernel oil adds a soft body to hair and moisturizes your scalp.

Color Depositing Mask (Bordeaux), Moroccanoil, $32. Available at

Modern Scent

Don’t forget to carry some perfume in your bag when going to parties. This set is limited to the holiday season and includes three bestsellers – Morning Mimosa (rose, jasmine, white musk), Cashmere Kumquat (orange blossom, vanilla, cashmere) and White Tea (white tea, freesia, bergamot). Each bottle has a roller head and is 10ml, making it portable and easy to use. Natural ingredients make it suitable for vegetarians.

The Apothecary Scent Catalog, Korres, $49. Available at

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