Classic and Stylish, These Are Gel Polishes You Need to Try

Classic and stylish, these are gel polishes you need to check out

Romance, softness and elegance are words that describe the colour pink. This autumn-winter season, replace deep, dark mainstream colours with Bio Sculpture’s Classics #1. Available in light to bold pink hues, the collection will elevate your style.

120 Esther

A combination of yellow and pink glitter that creates rose gold, one of the most well loved colours in recent years. Thanks to big glitter, using Esther on all of your nails achieves a gorgeous and luxurious appearance.

121 Stella

Unlike sparkling Esther, this daily nude pink goes well with any complexion and brings a smooth polish to any style. For light/fair skin tones, this colour will give the wearer an elegant style effortlessly. Meanwhile, wearers with deep skin tones will find their energetic and youthful characteristics elevated.

122 Naomi

When it comes to day-to-day nail colours for fashionistas, this dusty pink is a popular option. The gel polish goes well with oval, rounded or almond nail shapes. Don’t hesitate to try it if you want to highlight a mature and sophisticated style.

123 Tracey

Are you young, wild and dynamic? Then this bubble gum pink is for you. Using Tracey and other pink shades within the collection allows technicians to create outstanding nail art.

124 Karin

Meet Karin, a sweet, stylish strawberry pink. This is one of the hottest colours in the creative industries, including fashion, beauty, and nails. Whether you are wearing gold or silver jewelry, this gel polish is a complimentary match. Try slipping on a green gemstone ring for a surprising result.

125 Punam

If you are embracing an edgy style, make sure to try Punam. This bright magenta hue resembles beautiful lotus petals and pairs well with rose gold or accessories with  stones in subtle colours.

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This content is also available in: Tiếng Việt