Autumn Nails Capture the Cosmos and Cat Eyes

Gaze into Evo Gel’s best-selling collection to get inspiration for trendy, gorgeous nail designs this fall

As autumn arrives on our doorstep, it is time to transform summer’s vibrant nail styles to deeper, yet delicate, tones. Popular design trends this season encorporate the cosmos and cat eyes. Have you ever felt like you were floating in outer space when you looked into your lovely cat’s eyes? Look deep and you’ll see they contain the whole galaxy.

Bio Sculpture’s Milky Way Duos collection offers not only high quality, durable nail gels but also the appropriate shades for creating the two above trends. Milky Way Duos come in four primary gel colours ­(Erica, Marcelle, Celeste and Veronica) as well as four 3-D magnetic nail colours (Janine, Irene, Betsy and Bernice). Take a look at these eight colours and decide which one is calling to you.

What are magnetic gels?
Magnetic gels are capable of creating special 3-D effects due to a special formula that contains magnetic particles. The particles react to magnetic discs (nail tools) and move accordingly in terms of attraction or repulsion, to create perfect curves. Nail technicians are able to design 3-D styles and the cat’s eye is one of the most prominent.

Erica – Betsy

The Erica colour is named after the brand’s Global Technical Ambassador. Erica Nieuwenhuis is a successful woman devoted to her work. The red-violet colour is a combination of cold (blue) and warm (red) hues. The shade is suitable for most skin tones and ages.

Combine Erica with Betsy, a red-violet glittery gel, to create a modern galaxy aesthetic without being flashy. If you want to stand out, have a nail technician draw a diagonal line along the nail’s length to make the cat-eye effect.

Marcelle – Irene

Marcelle is a pure purple with no red tint. If lavender or lilac purple fashions are to your taste, don’t be afraid to try this colour. And so, voilà! You then have a nail set that goes ton sur ton with the outfit.

When paired with the gorgeous galactic Irene, the colours brighten up your hands and reflect the beauty of starry nights. The combination is a suitable match for dreamy and romantic people.

Celeste – Janine

Celeste is a voguish, deep blue-purple that attracts adventurous souls with strong character. It is challenging to paint tertiary colours into the right tone and smooth surface. But for Evogel, it is no problem. Thanks to the paint’s high quality, your nails gain the perfect blue-purple colour with just two coats.

Janine is a suitable magnetic gel to accompany Celeste because it has emulsion beads that sparkle blue or purple, depending on the light’s direction. Have your nail technician use a specialized tool to create attractive 3-D highlights in the nail corner to give depth to the design.

Veronica – Bernice

Veronica is a unique blue-green. When it comes to outer space inspiration, this colour goes well with any other violets in the collection. Accessorize your favourite autumn navy outfit by using this blueish colour on your nails. Bernice is a fantastic choice to go with Veronica. What’s unique about this gel is that its glitters can change from purple to blue when looked at from different angles. Besides cat-eye styling, you can also ask nail technicians to create black rounds in the corners, which simulate space’s black holes.

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