Another Man Facing Charges in Canada in Connection to CRA Telephone Scam

RCMP says a man with ties to to Mississauga, Ontario is facing allegations related to various cross-border phone scams, including notorious telephone scams impersonating the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

On Thursday, authorities announced the charges as part of their ongoing investigation called Operation Octavia, which commenced in October 2018 to combat the CRA telephone tax schemes and other related frauds.

Telephone scammers operating outside of Canada have been targeting people in the country since 2014, according to RCMP.

In the telephone scam, callers from India impersonated CRA, RCMP or other federal agents to threaten the victim to pay a fine or tax that did not exist. During the investigation, RCMP said it discovered unauthorized money carriers and laundered money in Canada and abroad.

That plan alone has cost victims a total of more than $ 18.5 million since 2014, RCMP said.

To date, RCMP said 9 individuals have been charged in connection with Project Octavia.

Authorities advise residents who receive calls asking for personal or banking information to hang up and report it to the Canadian Fraud Center through their website If the person threatens them or their family, the RCMP says hang up and call the police.

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