An adventure to the wild beauty of Nam Du Islands

Things to know when travelling to Nam Du


Nam Du is a glistening archipelago of 21 tropical islands in all sizes. They are all nestling in the peaceful Gulf of Thailand in the Kiên Giang province, forming spectacular scenery. Being one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Phú Quốc, Nam Du seems to be the Garden of Eden for those who describe themselves as the human of the sea and the wild children of nature that love the endless horizon line. People see this great place as a lovely muse that imprints upon their minds a pure and pristine beauty. Fortunately, these beautiful islands are still out of modernisation’s reach with artificial works. To fully enjoy Nam Du, please come here from December to March, when the climate is pleasant, the sea is calm and clear without a drop of rain.

Some impressive places in Nam Du

Hòn Lớn (Củ Tron) Nam Du Island / Big Island 

Bãi Mến (The Beach of Greeting Trees)

Mother nature cherishes Nam Du with several beautiful beaches such as Đá Đen beach (Black rock beach), Nồm beach (the beach of Southeast wind), Chệt beach, Chướng beach (the beach of Northeast wind), etc. Among them, the most outstanding one is Mến beach. Tourists visit to verify the title of the most pristine and beautiful beach in Nam Du. And it is true, with the arc white sand coast and rows of the green coconut tree which hugs transparent blue sea that even the bottom gravels shine under sunlight. All those wonders make this beach the perfect scene for travellers to snap the stunning photos.

Bãi Ngự (Nguyễn Lord’s sunset beach)

This place is in the west of Củ Tron. Without much different from other shores, warm white sand and lush green coconut trees stretched along Ngự beach. Here, the unique thing is the monument of the King well.

Nam Du Lighthouse

Situated on the top of Hòn Lớn (Big Island) in the An Son commune is the Lighthouse of Nam Du. The lighthouse is considered one of the highest ones in Vietnam sitting at 300 meters above sea level. From up above, visitors can fully admire a marvellous sea view of the Nam Du archipelago. Also, another incredible experience is watching the sunrise or sunset at this lighthouse. People keep saying this a must-try activity when travelling here. On the road going up the island top, there is a romantic love slope with beautiful reed bushes for pretty photos of the couples.

Hòn Sơn (The Mountain Island)

If you seek a thrilling and spooky adventure, pack your bags and head to Ma Thiên Lãnh mountain (The mysterious spiritual mountain) in Hòn Sơn. Legend has it that fairies descended to a place on the top of Ma Thiên Lãnh mountain, where people later called it “fairy yard”. This is also the hermitical Taoists’ chosen place to take refuge with many mysterious traces still left on the cliff. The trail to Ma Thiên Lãnh mountain has a giant Buddha statue wearing many marks from the ancients.

Hòn Mấu (The Island of Mấu wild vines)

One ideal option for you to explore is Hòn Mấu for its highly appreciated natural scenery. Situated about 40 minutes from Hòn Lớn by boat, Hòn Mấu is quite small with just about 600 households living here. People make a living from fishing. Here, the friendly fishing villagers always have their arms opened to welcome travellers to visit Hòn Mấu.

Hòn Dầu (The Island of the Resin trees)

Similar to Hòn Lớn, Hòn Dầu stands amid the crystal blue sea. It is relatively large in comparison with other islands. Another impressive feature of this island is that it’s primary forest accounts for about 90% of the area. Therefore, a fresh and pure atmosphere embraces this place. For those who want to live in nature by camping overnight, there is nowhere like here. There are also coral reefs being developed by the sore that awaken the exploring spirit within every tourist.

Hòn Hai Bờ Đập (The Island of Floating Stones)

If you find snorkelling offers a fulfilling experience of the seafloor, you should go to Hòn Hai Bờ Đập. It is famous for having the most beautiful coral reefs in the Nam Du archipelago along with much colourful tropical fish. Guests can rent scuba diving services or join with fishers to pick sea urchins and catch fishes here.

Certain must-try dishes:

  • Scallop grilled with scallion oil 
  • Squid steamed with ginger
  • Sweet and sour cobia broth
  • Sea urchin grilled with scallion oil
  • Needlefish grilled with banana sheath
  • Dried fish

Nam Du accommodation suggestions

Bãi Đá Chài Resort

  • Address: Along the coast of Hòn Sơn, Kiên Hải, Kiên Giang province.
  • Room prices from 400,000 VND / single room.

Humiso Nam Du Resort

  • Address: Bãi Mũi – An Sơn – An Hải – Kiên Giang.
  • Room prices from 400,000 VND / 2 people. Surcharge 50,000 VND / person.

Besides, tourists travelling to Nam Du can choose to camp overnight to save money and experience a new space of nature. Because of its large ground, Hòn Dầu is the most suitable location for many people with a land rent of 30,000 VND / person and a tent of 40,000 / person.

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